Nordic Solstice celebrations are a dedication to  'Turning the Wheel,' ritually driving events and life forward. In the Nordic regions winter is a dark time - the sun is nearly gone - and summer is so far in the future.

This candle is made for the intention of using in rituals at the Winter Solstice or in spells dedicated to moving forward with a great amount of power.


These 4 oz candles are poured in a snow white tin - the majority of the candle is a deep red, covered by a thin layer of natural beeswax. The red is revealed as the candle burns away, like snow melting. House dried organic, locally gathered rose buds and feverfew.


Essential Oils : Amyris oil, Lemon oil terpenes, Cedarwood oil, Mandarin Oil, Orange peel oil (sweet), Orange oil terpenes, Lemon oil (Furocoumarin Free), Ginger oil, Basil Oil (sweet) and Lime oil.


Naturally dyed with eco dyes, and carefully hand poured. All our candles are intentionally uniquely made to reflect the raw beeswax used to create them.

Nordic Ritual 'Turning the Wheel' Candle | 100% Beeswax