Ark of the Testament - St. Anthony's Prayer Spell Candle
To find that which has been lost to you.

"Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony; Please come around
Something is lost; and it has to be found"


This candle is made with 100% naturally processed beeswax, eco dyes, essential oils, and gold foil. It includes star anise, sweet orange, and neroli essential oils.


All of our candles are made in a folk way - with care, and imperfection. We design them to burn, and each one is made uniquely by hand. All our candles are hand poured and made in a purposeful rustic style. We feel this further communicates their lightly processed origin. 

If candles are not in alignment with your brand, please contact us directly to process a return. Thank you!

Ark of the Testament - St. Anthony's Blessing Spell Candle